Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir X 6 bottles


NOTE: Actual wine vintage may differ from the image shown (due to time of image taken). Please contact us for clarification of wine vintage. 


The vineyards, planted on soil types identified as being ideal for producing varietal Pinot Noir, contribute unique character and complexity to the final wine. Pinot Noir grapes are drawn from vineyards at varying elevations within the diverse Yarra Valley, from 80 metres to 400 metres above sea level. This handful of soils and aspects add further nuance to the set of flavours blended to make this wine. A range of different Pinot Noir clones come together in this composition, each adding subtle elements of complexity. Vineyards were meticulously maintained during the growing season to achieve dappled light throughout the canopy, ensuring the development of tannins and pristine varietal flavours.

Resulted in wine with intense plum cherry and boysenberry aromas and flavors, with hints of sandalwood and pipe tobacco. The structure is present and not overt, creating a nice balance between oak and tannins, which will benefit this wine as it ages.

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