Suntory Premium Malt

The man behind the development of The Premium Malt’s had a single dream – to create the world’s greatest beer. Taking the pilsners that originated in the Czech Republic and Germany as a model, our brewers began their research. Over many years they worked to craft a beer with the world-class features they were looking for – a spectacular aroma of hops, a firm body, and deep, rich flavor.

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  • CNY-beer-deal-2

    Heineken Cans (24 x 330ml) + Suntory Premium Malt Cans (24 x 350ml) + Asahi Super Dry Cans (24 x 350ml) (FREE 2 Exclusive Suntory Beer Glass + 10 Exclusive Coaster)

    $233.00 $228.00
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  • Beer-Suntory-Bottles-X1

    Suntory Premium Malt Bottles (24 X 334ml)

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  • Made with Square InstaPic

    Suntory Premium Malt Cans (24 X 350ml)

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