Auchentoshan Three Wood Malt


This unique Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Whisky has been matured in three different cask types. Moving from American Bourbon to Spanish Oloroso Sherry – and finally Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks – Three Wood is a rich, complex whisky with incredible toffee and sherry oak flavours.




To The Eye – Rich golden bronze.

To The Nose – Blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin.

To The Tongue – Fruit and syrup. Hazelnut with hints of cinnamon and lemon. A butterscotch sweetness adds to the overall complexity.

To The End – Fresh and fruity, with long lasting oaky sweetness.


Recommended Cocktail

Rob “Violet” Roy


Rob Roy is a cocktail similar to a Manhattan, using Scotch Whisky instead of Rye Whisky. Auchentoshan Three Wood complex flavour adds another dimension to one of the world’s earliest whisky cocktails.




50ml Auchentoshan Three Wood
12.5ml Red Vermouth
6ml Agave Syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
6ml Violet Liqueur



In a mixing glass full of ice, pour the violet syrup and stir. Strain the violet syrup out. Pour the rest of the ingredients over the ice, stir and strain in a martini glass.


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