Beni Di Batasiolo Moscato D Asti DOCG Bosc Dla Rei


NOTE: Actual wine vintage may differ from the image shown (due to time of image taken). Please contact us for clarification of wine vintage. 

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Almost a crypt, where the ancient alchemy of transforming must into fine wines is celebrated. The sanctorum in which the grapes are selected by master vintners, who then heed the boiling of the fermentation in huge oak casks. The destination of the harvests of large estates, where the grapes were delivered once upon a time on carts drawn by horned oxen, whereas now they arrive for pressing only a short time after they have been picked. The winery as it was, with the old oak casks lined up imperiously along faintly-lit corridors. The winery as it is today, adjusted to the needs of an ever more demanding and selective market, in which quality is an unforgivable constant, a pre-requisite for a flawless, stable, homogeneous product. This means state-of-the-art equipment, and access to the most appropriate technologies. The new look, which stands alongside the old rather than its place, is one shiny steel, and electronically-controlled, automatic processes.

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