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Ciroc Vodka is a five times distilled French vodka made with grapes that are harvested when frozen. This is a very fancy and chic premium vodka, with a creamy finish.

A modern vodka that is inspired by more than a century of wine-making expertises and craftsmanship. It is distilled from fine French grapes for an exquisitely smooth,fruity and fresh vodka experience. The essence of CÎROC™ Ultra- Premium Vodka comes from fine French grapes, which are distilled a fifth time at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in the South of France. CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka is gluten free. Taste fresh purity in bottled form with Ciroc Vodka.



Unlike most vodkas which are made from grain, CÎROC Vodka is refined from fine French grapes; a process inspired by over a century of wine-making mastery and craftsmanship. It is the fine French grapes and the fifth distillation at the historic Maison Villevert Distillery within the South of France that gives CÎROC Vodka a distinctive flavour with an outstandingly new, citrus taste.

Fine French grapes are specially chosen for harvest and made into a wine. The wine is distilled four times in column stills. Within the fifth distillation, CÎROC Vodka is truly made in a conventional, tailor-made copper pot still at Maison Villevert Salles d’Angles within the south of France.


Tasting Notes


Crystal Clear, bright


Clean, subtle lemon zest/lemon grass with delicate sage spice


Zesty lemon and slight honey sweetness giving a perceived silky mouthfeel with cracked black pepper spice


Lemon zest with cracked black pepper and faint grappa like notes


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