A mix of tradition and modernity. Four generations of the Cointreau family have led Cointreau, since the brand was founded, 150 years ago.

In the 1960s, James Bond embodies the image of Cointreau in its advertising.

More than ever, Cointreau is a must-have in the world of cocktails, particularly with its brand new Cointreau Fizz and its sparkling extensions. Pierre Cointreau, Edouard’s grandson, unceasingly developed the brand until his death in 2011. Today, Pierre’s grandson Alfred Cointreau is a proud and passionate representative of the brand’s sixth generation.



Country Of Origin : France

Region : Angers

Classification: Liqueur

Founded : 1875 , Edouard Cointreau

Cointreau’s Cocktails :


Exquisite fullness

Renowned for its fine balance, Cointreau is at once intense and gentle, warming and refreshing, bitter and sweet; delivering a beguiling twist of; “je ne sais quoi” that never leaves one indifferent. Remember, taste, like beauty, is often born from contrast. Surrender to its charms…

Enveloping fragrance

The exotic sensuality of white flowers, fruits and spices married with pure essential oils from sweet and bitter oranges arouse curiosity and heighten the imagination. It is like a mix of nature’s rich ripe fruitfulness and warm sparkling sunshine

Fine clarity

On first appearance the spirit is without artifice, flowing naked and crystalline from its amber bottle. This purity clouds on contact with ice, which confers a gossamer pearl-white aspect to its translucent robe

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